Friday, January 8, 2010

With hours to go - I WANT TO CHEAT! Day 7

Let me explain - if I had the evening I had tonight earlier in the week, digital cleanse or no digital cleanse, I would be tweeting/updating/linking/texting and anything else you can think of.

It started with a friend of mine saying how nice it would be to drive into the city together, she got her daughter tickets to see Nick Jonas (insert daughter's scream) and the Administration. I don't have a teenage daughter, but I am not dead so I know who that is. I immediately asked if she would be up for a play - Bye Bye Birdie and as she was saying sure I was researching tickets  - and much to my delight, found 2 tickets center row orchestra (5th row to be exact) to go see John Stamos (insert MY scream). I have been wanting to see this play since it opened.

Now  - I follow @JohnStamos and he always says "If you come see the play, let me know." I wanted to tweet and let everyone know I was going, but refrained. We went to dinner first, put her daughter & a very responsible young lady in a cab and went into the theater. I was dying to post a picture from our seats we were so close. I took a picture but refrained from doing anything with it since I only had to wait til morning.

Intermission came and I oh so wanted to let my friends know - but my hands were tied. Against the rules and for the first time this week I thought that this digital cleanse was absurd.  How stupid to just not post something so exciting.  But I didn't. The play was fantastic and I told my friend that I had every intention of meeting John. I told absolutely ANYONE who would listen that I was on Twitter and that I was supposed to let him know I was there.  Hey - whatever works. I got a security guard to show me where to go wait, I had another guard take my business card (which has every single way to get me on social media) to give to him. I got pushed to the back, but when I saw him come out of the door and tried to make my way to the beginning of the line, I was too late as he was already a few people down the line. This required something to get his attention. I started yelling "John - Twitter, I follow you on Twitter." He immediately stopped and came over to talk to me.  I handed him a card and said, "You must follow me so I can tweet you a picture."  "Are you funny?" he asked.  "Yes I am and I am a top tweeter from Long Island."  Oh this dratted cleanse I thought to myself. "Well, that is quite an accomplishment" he laughed. He signed my Playbill and said he would follow me (insert MAJOR internal scream).

I turn around and see if the friend got my picture with him and she says she got his picture, but not with me.  Damn - I run now to the end of the line and wait patiently for him to make his way back to me.  When he gets to me he says, "Hey Twitter" and I ask him if we can do a picture. As you can see - he did, and then as he disappeared said, "Talk to you on Twitter."  You can bet that my FIRST tweet will be to him as I end this cleanse... and for @JohnStamos, if this digital cleanse wasn't ending tomorrow at 9AM I would be on there tonight tweeting about this totally awesome night!!!

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