Saturday, December 26, 2009

Na na na na na na - Today is my birthday!

I have to start off by admitting that I stole my title from another boxing day baby's blog Linda (@Croneandbearit) and knew immediately that I must do the same. See - having a birthday the day after Christmas has to be, in my humble opinion, the worst day ever.  It is a day that has everyone too pooped to party. Last night as the DH was announcing "Leftovers tomorrow" I had to remind him that there would be NO leftovers because it was......  my birthday!

As I embark on the final year of yet another decade, things like leftovers on my birthday are just a no - no. I've had a lifetime of leftovers, combined gifts and just "forgets" so when my birthday rolls around, I like to celebrate! I don't blame anyone, people are tired, full and just partied out from the month of festivities. They are resting on the day after, trying to regain their energy for the new year's celebrations that are on the horizon.  I now know that I must take control over my day. Being humble just doesn't work when your birthday is the day after Christmas. When most people downplay their birthdays, most of us 12/26s embrace the day with gusto (because if we don't - nobody else will!). Having dinner with the bff and the DH's there was another birthday celebration and we noted that there seems to be a lot today. Counting back 9 months to the winter month of March (and cold night snuggling) not withstanding, Dec 26 babies like to party!

It reminds me of a day a few years ago... it was mid January and I was feeling a little pensive over the fact that another year my birthday just seemed to come and go, when I decided to call each one of my girlfriends and invite them to a really nice restaurant for lunch.  It ended up being about 7 of us... and they were all trying to guess why I had gathered them.  The popular bet was divided equally on pregnancy or divorce..  Of course, it was neither - I had declared that I decided to throw myself a birthday party and they were my presents.  It was one of the best times I've had.  That was the beginning of my new birthday mentality.

I must say, this act of being pro-active with the birthday is quite liberating. So liberating in fact, that I plan on riding it throughout the year. It's really a way of thinking, why wait for things to happen, when you can make them happen yourself. I am excited to start this next year.... won't you celebrate with me?