Friday, January 8, 2010

Day 5... no peeking allowed

Wake up, get out of bed, put a comb across my head............  LOVE that Beatles song and today I woke up singing it. NOT because of my cleanse - but because I am going to sleep early. This is surely something I can continue after January 8th. Sleep.... it's a beautiful thing.

As for the cleanse, it is starting to get a little old.  Not because I miss the social interaction (which, I most certainly do) but it is starting to interfere with business.  The inconvenience of having to look up a phone number when a text message comes in, when I can hit reply in 2 seconds is annoying. Not being able to answer an email that has come in from my phone because I shut down the work email just 2 minutes before a colleague emailed me looking for help is a little disconcerting. That was the closest I've come to cheating since that first day... a colleague emailed - "L if you get this email, write back, I have a question."  Now - I could have called, but I didn't have the phone number.  Email addresses have replaced phone numbers for a lot of people. I will answer it first thing this morning.

On the friend end.......... I got a call today from one of my best Twitter buds calling to see how I was doing. Of course my wonderful iPhone was being all temperamental and the call didn't come through so I got a VM, but it was good to know I've been missed but the last thing she said had me giggling, "We know you're peeking............"  LOL I'm not peeking :-(  I'm DYING to peek... but it is against the rules and I promised myself after the first day that I would and could do this and follow the rules. We know you're peeking....  for the first time this week - I am looking forward to Friday...... and fighting the urge to peek!

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