Saturday, January 2, 2010

Digital Cleanse - Day 2

Waking up to day 2 was quite a change from my usual routine. Because I went to sleep early last night (I was actually IN bed before 11) I woke up feeling refreshed instead of groggy. I didn't jump to get my phone (since texting and reading email on anything other than your PC or laptop is against the rules) and instead got up, let the dogs out and waited for my coffee to finish. I checked my email, grabbed a cup of coffee, watched the snow fall and then.... went back to bed where I held a conversation with the hubby - something we haven't done on a Saturday morning in years (maybe decades). Although he was still half asleep, I talked anyway. This being in the moment - without distractions, is a nice feeling. I realize it is something I haven't been in a very long time.

Today I did the laundry, spent a lot of time with hubby, wanted to go to the movies but didn't because of the snow, and did some more organizing.  I got my nails done, ran to the mall real quick and never thought about my phone. I went to dinner at the bff's and did not bring my cell. I did not wonder what anyone was doing. I was attentive to what everyone said and they had my full attention. Not that this doesn't normally happen, but at the slightest break, there is always the urge to go look at the cell for a text or a tweet or some kind of  "update." I was so into the moment, that I never even looked at my watch. When I got in the car I had to ask hubby what time it was because I had no clue.  So far it has been easy - but I know the first day or two is. I'm sure the digital DTs will set in at any time now.

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