Friday, January 8, 2010

Day 4 - I didn't even blog

So I'm not sure I'm supposed to blogging because "publishing post" is most certainly posting and posting (as well as reading) is clearly against the rules. I decided to journal, and I will click send for the last 4 days on Friday. I'm writing this on Day 5 morning though, because I didn't even think about going to the computer last night. Now granted, it was my first day back to work and I worked late, and after being off for almost 2 weeks - I was tired. I looked forward to going to sleep early and waking up early and feeling awake (which I did and do).

Day 4 was easy again, but I miss my friends and I wonder if they miss me. Social media friendships aside though - I did notice how much social media is integrated into the business world. Yesterday throughout my "work" day, I received 3 text messages (all of which I answered with phone calls), and a Facebook page request - ALL of them business related. Seems this should be factored in next year (yes - I'm already thinking of doing this again).

I find it odd about all the people IRL who are mocking me. Is it because they don't think I'm strong enough? Is it because it makes them nervous that I might ask them to join me? Is it because they are just as addicted and don't want to think about it? Although - what I've noticed is that I'm really not addicted..........  no more addicted than I was to the phone, tv, radio - or any other distraction I've had through the years...I have no physical discomfort - bodily or emotionally without social media.

I do miss it though.........

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