Saturday, March 14, 2009

Doing the right thing - sometimes it BITES!

I got tickets for the Fleetwood Mac concert months ago. DH and another couple - very dear friends of ours. It was actually my friend who called and said, "Come on - let's go." She is my concert buddy and we've gone to see some great concerts together - The Police, Paul McCartney down in Tampa, Prince. So yes, this was a no brainer. Fast forward to a few weeks ago, new project at work. I'm brought in and looking at the calendar pick a date for our kick-off. Yeah - you guessed it, the same night as the concert. Now - for whatever reason, the concert never made it to Outlook, google or the iPhone. It didn't even occur to me that they were on the same night until a week ago when my friend called to confirm the plans; dinner first then the concert. Yikes - I tell DH and start thinking of ways to sell the tickets. That's when DH says, "I think I'm still going to go." Now - I don't care that he went with them, I'm glad one of us got to enjoy it. BUT... was tonight appreciated? I don't think so!!! In hindsight, I could have gone to the concert and the evening kick-off would have been fine without me.

I came home to cry in my Fleetwood Mac songs. DH brought me home a t-shirt!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The art of ducking people

I can't take credit for the title of this post, the credit goes to @Central Nassau, but I am an expert. I call it my "phone voice." It comes from a lifetime of being told I yell. I don't yell. I am Italian and Spanish, extremely passionate in communicating and well - LOUD. I also grew up playing make believe. I loved to pretend to be someone else. There are many times in my life when that love of make believe came out. My family would call me "Sybil" because I would change personas depending on the situation. And then came cyberworld...... AHHH the ultimate playground for make believe. This brings me to........... the phone voice.

I worked online for 12 years and my online persona was quite different from my SAHM persona. Eventually I would be working on and offline outside of the home, but that phone voice came with me. Depending on who I was talking to on the phone from online, I would change my phone voice. Sometimes sexy, sometimes uber snobby, sometimes geeky.

Okay - so the art of ducking people? We've all pretended not to be who we are when a bill collector calls. Also telemarketers. I revel in the different personas and voices I've used when discussing either. Once when I bill collector called I cried on the phone about how my husband wouldn't let me touch the checkbook (which of course, is a lie). I also told him I had no idea about the finances - PLEASE give me advice. He said, "Have the Mr. call me." ha ha Those are obvious avoidances. What happens though, when you are at work and answer the phone (my secretaries were busy) and someone starts talking and there is no reason to reveal who you are. Suddenly, the conversation turns to you - and the person is talking about YOU. This happened to me, I had someone in my office at the time and I am talking to this person. Conversation is going along until they start talking about me. Thank goodness it was good so naturally, I agreed with the person. This would have been no big deal except, at the end of the conversation, the person said, "Who am I speaking to?" Holy crap........ I said, "This is AnnMarie." I hung up the phone and the person in my office is looking at me perplexed. "YES - I LIED" I said to them.