Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Procrastinator - That's ME!

Ah yes - this is SO me. I promised a month ago that I was going to write everyday of my vacation. 2 weeks came, and 2 weeks went and not a word was written.
I can't say that it's because I am SO overhwhelmed that I don't have time. I have always been this way. I have an illness - it is called procrastination. The first time I realized this was innocent enough - it was in high school and I was working on a term paper. Of course we had all quarter to work on it, and yet, there I was on a Friday night - working through the weekend to be able to turn it in on Monday. I slept little, worked hard and felt exhilerated and exhausted as I handed it in on time. The result was a "A". Next quarter - same deadline, same routine. You would think I would have learned. Last minute came, worked hard all weekend, handed it in and received an "A". Enough I thought........ I made a vow to myself that the next quarter would be different. And it was. I planned out my time, research and writing each week. Not only was there no last minute crunch, I finished a few days before the deadline. I felt good. Not exhilerated, but good. I handed in the paper. Imagine my surprise when it came back with a "B". WHAT? Oh no...... what went wrong? It was at that moment that I realized was that I needed the thrill of "last minute." I've never looked back........ it is my life. I accept it and I plan accordingly.
You might be asking - what prompted today's post? I registered on a site where I had to put my blog address in. The thought of someone new checking out the blog without a new post was frightening. A deadline presented itself and I obliged......... Til next time