Friday, April 3, 2009

How can you mend, a broken heart???

A broken heart can be caused by so many things; a lost love, a parent dying, the end of a friendship, shattered dreams- really anything you lose that is important to you.

I don't think that anyone ever truly recovers from a broken heart. You cry your tears, walk around like a frog with swollen red eyes. You mope, don't eat (or eat too much). You cry some more. You try to keep yourself busy - try to occupy the mind that wants to dwell in the past. You call your friends, you clean, you purge, the busier the work the better.

And then one day, you realize that you didn't cry. Somehow the deep pain you are so used to isn't as deep anymore. You start to notice the beauty in your life without shedding a tear. The sadness slowly starts to evaporate. One day you realize that there's joy back in your day.

The pain starts to fade away, but the thought is always lingering - as far away as it goes. The heart mends, but the scar remains forever.


  1. I believe that time it'll always be the best remedy, but you're totally right when you say that "The heart mends, but the scar remains forever.".
    Actually, I think it's normal. We have to pass by these things even to grow up.
    I really liked it. =]

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    I know it's in portuguese, but pass there. ;)

    Tarcila Kelly, from Brazil.

  2. My mom said this to me some years back (scar stays forever)but I don't agree. Yes we go through the pain and we also have to live through it but once we release it, truly release it, then the pain is gone. Its like you say one day you wake up and realize wow I can see the light but not just the light ... you also notice the sparkle of the dew drops, the friendly people on your way to work, the de-li-cious bagel and latte YUM LOL and you feel ALIVE no longer bound to the pain! It happens! It takes time but it does =)