Thursday, December 2, 2010

Countdown to the big......... BIRTHDAY!

This year I hit a milestone number. I have been planning the way I was going to celebrate for about a year now.  The plans have been many, and sometimes they change monthly, weekly and several times a day. It's not odd to have someone reaching a milestone plan their celebration, but you have to understand my history with birthdays to know the angst this particular one brings me.

My birthday is the day after Christmas. Yes -- the day after! After a month of preparation and partying for Christmas, who wants to celebrate the day after. I have grown up with "combined gifts", the obligatory birthday cake after Christmas dinner, or gifts forgotten. No school parties because everyone was on vacation, and for most of them - leftovers for dinner.

Now - not all of my birthdays have been the woe is me kind, as I got older, I started planning them myself. I've done the day after Christmas shopping (because doesn't everyone want to fight crazed crowds trying to get a bargain?!?), hitting the road to make the trek down to FL to see the parentals, and just staying in bed while everyone else cleans up the Christmas mess.  On and off the last couple of years, we've started going to sushi restaurants because that's the only food we haven't eaten during the month.

Yes -- the day after Christmas is quite the day to celebrate. We even had a suspension of the day as 8 years ago our first dog died on that day. My daughter refused to acknowledge the day as anything but the day Gizmo died for a few years. Thank goodness we've gotten past that!

That leads us to this year. The plans (all by me) have run the spectrum from taking a trip with the girls, taking a trip with the family, spending a week learning to be a rock star (yes - you can purchase this gift for me for $10,000), taking a limo to spend the day in the city, going to a spa, doing Karaoke, to planning my own party (complete with Pommery Louise champagne & purple M&Ms). Included in this plan is to wear a tiara the entire day. (We'll address that in another post).

Oh -- that brings me to the cake.  I want one of those fancy schmancy cakes. @CakeBossBuddy keeps ignoring my tweets. And........ it needs to be chocolate. My favorite. The one I've never gotten.

So what are the plans as of today? To spend the month celebrating in some small way. Doing the things that I love so that on the day it's no big deal. Or maybe, celebrate the month after. As for the actual day? Sleeping in and realizing it's just another day! I'll keep you posted!


  1. Save the $10 000 you would spend to be a rock star, I will plan the party of your life for half that!!!

    Midget strippers jumping out of cupcakes?

    A clown dressed in full S&M gear?

    Those are just 2 off the top of my head

    With a budget of $5 000 I can do much better

    Let me know!!!

  2. Midget strippers out of cupcakes is pretty tiny...I think I'd require a tad bigger ;-)

  3. Still waiting on a response about the $10, 000 party I could plan for you... and...

    You've been nominated for Blogger of the Month. For details check out and encourage your viewers to vote for you!!!